Phoenix, AZ. 8/20/2009

Rabbi Teichman was brought down to inspect the area and found that 90% of the Eruv area is already closed in by Halachickly approved "walls". We are in the middle of: a) putting together an estimate one the cost and will anounce it as soon as we find out b) gettingproper permits from city of Phoenix and Scottsdale as well as APS.


Phoenix, AZ. 2/25/2008

Chabad of Phoenix is currently in the process of making an eruv for the area of the Chabad Center on Lincoln Drive.

The *proposed eruv would go from 16th street until 32nd street, and from Northern Ave until Bethany Home Road. No date has been set. 

Rabbi Dan Hyman, Director of Chabad's Russian Programs, is overseeing the project.

Questions about the Eruv can be emailed to [email protected]

*No route has been finalized.