Donate Stocks or Securities 
A gift of appreciated stock or securities will go a long way to help the Chabad Lubavitch of Arizona Center, as well as provide you with a significant income tax deduction for the full market value of the stock. The following instructions will help you facilitate a gift of stock or securities. (Note: To receive the full tax benefit, stocks must be transferred to the Chabad Lubavitch of Arizona before they are sold):

Notification of Donor Intent 
For the purposes of proper acknowledgment and auditing, either the transferring broker or you must provide the following information: 
- Your name and complete address 
- The number of shares and name of stock or securities transferred

Pat Schwabinger
Phone: 602-944-2753 
Fax:     602-916-0999 
E-Mail: [email protected]

To Donate Stocks Electronically  
The Fidelity Depository Trust Company (DTC) number is 0226.
Account is Z73826480
Merkos Chabad Lubavitch


For more information,contact: 
Rabbi Zalman Levertov, [email protected]