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Help support local Jewish families in time of need, and get your state Tax credit today!  

Your support will ease the burden of local families struggling to pay their food, rent, utility, or medical bills.

2 Easy steps to receive the tax credit!

  1. Donate up to $421 if filing single or $841 if filing jointly to the Ten Yad - Helping Hand
  2. File your Arizona taxes along with AZ Form 321

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit law will now reduce your tax liability by $841 or $421 if filing single.


Ten Yad - A Helping Hand is a (QCO) Qualifying Charitable Organization and is certified on the Department of Revenue’s website for Donations made to Qualifying Charitable Organizations.

Your donation to Ten Yad - A Helping Hand can be included in your Federal Tax Deductions in addition to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.  Please consult a qualified tax advisory for personal tax advice.