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Please submit your information via our website, by filling out the form below, indicating how you would like to participate in the Jewish Art Calendar. Digital ads may by emailed as a JPEG, GIF or PDF file to

Form and payment must be submitted by July 20th, 2019

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First Name: Last Name:
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A) Shana Tova Greeting
B)Special Occasion (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Yahrtzeits)
On Actual Calendar Date

A) New Year's Greeting ("Shana Tova") $54   B) Birthday, Anniversary, Yahrtzeit $45/date

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Calendar Sponsor $7500 (Includes a Full Page Ad and Front Cover and monthly recognition)

Advertise on Calendar Page

Full Month Banner (under photo) 10.5" x 2” $1000

Half Banner 7" x 2”

1/3 Banner (Business card-size or 3.5” x 2") $360
Calendar box: Ad/Greeting 1.5" x 1.5" $150
  (6 months- $700, 13 months- $1000)  

Yes! I have a month preference:

Calendar Insert Ads/Other
Back Cover 5" x 8"


Full Page 10" x 8" $1600

Half Page 5" x 8"


1/3 Page 3.5" x 8" $600
1/4 Page 5" x 4" $450
Business Card 3.5” x 2” $275
Jewels $36

Notes/ Jewels/ Ad Info:

Calendar Packages ~ Check if Applies
Purchase 6 months of any size for price of 5
Purchase 13 months of any size for price of 10

Note: Digital ads may by emailed as a JPEG, GIF or PDF file to .

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I will send in payment to:

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  Phoenix, AZ 85016   City/State/Zip

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