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A word from the Rabbi  

Dear «First Name or Friend»

Thank you!
This email and Year-end report is a Thank you to many people.
It is a Thank you to all our volunteers. It is because of their volunteer efforts that Smile On Seniors has accomplished so much this past year.
It is a Thank you to our financial supporters. They enable Smile On Seniors to be able to service the Jewish Seniors in Arizona. 
It is a Thank you to you. You support us and spread the word of our vital community work.
This email however is not meant to make any one feel good about themselves. Yes, below you will see a lot of what we have accomplished in our second year, however it is not meant to placate us. We are not satisfied with our work. Smile On Seniors continues to grow by leaps and bounds providing more programs than ever before, however we will not sit back looking at our accomplishments. We will only look back as we move forward and onward offering more and more to the Active Adult and Senior Communities in Arizona.
Please look through this email and see for yourself why the buzz in Arizona is about Smile On Seniors.
Best wishes for a Happy New Year! A Year with even more success than the previous year! 
Rabbi Levi & Chani

PS View our latest event pictures from Chanukah by clicking here.

Notable Quotes  
Notable Quotes from 2011:
We think you're great! Keep up the good work! - The Chris Ridge Residents

"I didnt realize how much I would get out of it" - Lauren S; volunteer

She's just a little gift that has come into my life and I feel very blessed. - Nancy W; volunteer

It was a wonderful session this afternoon, the Rabbi is so stimulating and I enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you so much for all your preparations, it was lovely. - Resident at ARTE

I am happy that you received our donation. You were wonderful and we were very appreciative. - Michele A

Chani - you rocked it! We had such a great time - thank you again and see you very soon, and often! - Michele H. "Life Enrichment Director", Sunrise Senior Living

In the News  

This past year we have been featured with pictures and blurbs in our local Jewish News of Greater Phoenix. You will see some of their articles and pictures peppered throughout this year end report.

Smile On Seniors of Arizona was also featured in an Internationaly syndicated News article by

"Chani Levertov, co-director of the SOS affiliate in Phoenix, Ariz., said that every match makes “a wonderful story.”

“It’s beautiful how people connect,” she related. “I get lots of phone calls from volunteers thanking me for letting them become a part of the program. They feel they gain even more than the seniors they visit.”

Echoing this sentiment herself, Levertov added that she has a “buddy” as well."

Read the full article by clicking here.

Shabbat Dinner for Seniors  
We hosted our popular Shabbat Dinner twice in the past year! 

The Jewish Active adult community celebrated Shabbat like never before! Enjoying a full course, home cooked dinner, in a warm and loving atmosphere, with friends, and family!

View video #1click here.  View Pictures by clicking here.

Video #2 click here.        Picture Gallery #2 click here. 

COMPASS Class by Banner Alzheimers Institute  

Smile On Seniors & Banner Alzheimer's Institute Presented a Free COMPASS Class for Family & Care Partners.

"Understand Alzheimer's Disease & Related Dementias"

COMPASS: Caregivers Of Memory-impaired People Acquiring Successful Strategies is a free educational class. 

View a short video by clicking here.

Volunteer "Buddy" Visits  

A new day has dawned for the golden age Jewish population in Phoenix and environs. Smile on Seniors is a volunteer fueled organization dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors in our midst. SOS offers a friendly
visitation program by twinning volunteers with a senior “buddy” as well as a host of other services.

We constantly are looking for more volunteers and are very greatful to those already volunteering. 

Purim Lecture at Chris Ridge with JFCS  

A lecture for the residents of Chris Ridge and the JFCS's Senior program.

Why do we celebrate Purim. Is it the Jewish Holloween? 

View Pictures here.

Shabbat Service at the Stratford  

A Shabbat Service for the Resident at the Stratford.

Grape Juice for Kiddush. Challah for Hamotzie! 

View Pictures here.     View Video here.     View video #2 here.

Purim program (x9!)  

Purim parties in 9 Locations all in ONE DAY! Thank you to Rabbi Dan Hayman of Chabad Russian Programs and Rabbi Shmuel Slonim who helped make it possible.

Every participant received a Mishloach manot package. Over 150 were packed by our wonderful volunteers.

Every volunteer received a Coffee Mug Mishloach Manot as a token of our appreciation. 

View Pictures here.     View Purim Preparations Video here.     View Purim video here.

Thank you to the Levine Family for co-sponsoring our Purim programs. 

Passover Model Seder  

Passover Model Seder for Seniors

Educational and Interactive Seder. Complete Seder Plate, Matzah and Potato Kugel (pudding)

View Pictures here.     View Passover video here.

Thank you to Simply Scrumptious Catering for the Potato Kugel.

Shavuot Holiday Discussion  

Shavuot was only known for Dairy foods until we had our discussion :)

View Pictures here.  

Cheese Cake from Manhattan Pizza & Subs.

Discussion with the Rabbi  

Discussions with Rabbi Levi, Table Talk, Rap with the Rabbi.. These are all the different titles to the same thing. A round table discussion with Rabbi Levi.

 Every month a different topic. 

Many Senior Living Communities capitalize on this offering!

Candy Apples & High Holiday Discussion  

What are we really celebrating on Rosh Hashana? Why do we eat Apples?

These questions and more were discussed at our Candy Apple High Holiday Discussion.

All while eating delicious Candy Apples! 

Picture Gallery Here.      Video Here. 

Kol Nidrei at Tuscany McCormick  

What do you do when a group of Seniors wants to recite Kol Nidrei?

You send a Rabbi!

Thank you Rabbi Leibel Krinsky for leading Kol Nidrei at Tuscany!

We also sent out to all our Senior Living Communities copies of Yizkor for those Seniors that can't make it to Services over the holidays. 

Sukkot Events Roundup  
Our "Sukkot Under the Sky" Sukkah Party was a blast. We filled our Sukkah up and look forward to next years party. Thank you to all the Senior Living facilities that participated and to all our volunteers who attended and helped.
A special Thank You to 2 Sponsors:
Simply Scrumptious Catering - Saville and Susan Levy 
Walter & Ellen Poor
We also had Sukkot programs at:
Sunrise Senior Living in Scottsdale
The Terraces of Phoenix
Chris Ridge SLC of Phoenix
JFCS at Chris Ridge
La Sienna of Phoenix 
Special Thank you to Aleph Bet Preschool's Pre-K class! Watch a video of their performance by clicking here
Click on the pictures to view more:
Chanukah Party & Dreidel Craft  
We just completed our Chanukah Party & Dreidel Craft!
8 Locations!
Delicious Donuts & Latkes, Chocolate Chanukah Gelt, Chanukah Songs and Dreidel craft!
It's Your Birthday!  

Our BIG New program of 2011!

Its your Birthday! 

Donna Medoff, our Birthday Coordinator has been busy celebrating birthdays!  

Our birthday program is not exclusive to the Jewish Seniors who are already being visited by Smile On Seniors volunteers. It is open to all Jewish Seniors in the valley. AND NOW IN TUCSON TOO!


To register a senior or for more information visit: or

Or contact Donna at: 480-221-5455 | [email protected]

Challah Baking with a Twist  

Challah Baking sounds simple.

The "twist" is we have the volunteers bake 2 loaves; one loaf of Challah for themselves and the second for their Senior Buddy.

Its a new monthly program and a big hit with the Seniors! 

Volunteer Appreciation BBQ  

An evening of Appreciation for our great volunteers!

Thank you for making SOS what it is! You all play the most vital role of our goal: to bring a smile and a moment of joy to the life of a senior!

Special Thank you to Simply Scrumptious Catering and to Chompies Kosher Bakery.

View our picture Gallery here. 

Volunteer Chanukah Party  

Volunteers & Friends of Smile On Seniors Chanukah Party!

Delicious Hot Drink & Latke Bar!

One of the ways we try expressing our Gratitude to our volunteers and friends! We can never Thank them enough! Smile On Seniors is what it is because of them!

View the Photo Gallery here. 

Volunteer Orientation  

What do people who want to learn more about Smile On Seniors do?

What do people who want to become a Smile On Seniors volunteer do?

They come to our Open Orientation. 

Last year we held 2 Open Orientations and signed up 20! new volunteers!

What will the New Year bring?! 

Rabbinic Services  

A senior moves to the valley and never joined a membership congregation.
A family needs Pastoral care and doesnt know who to turn to.
A Senior Living Community has Judaic questions.

Smile On Seniors provides all the Rabbinic Services a family or Senior may need.

Every year people are turning to us to find out information. To ask a question. To run a service.

We are here to help. There are no fees involved either! 

New Beneficiaries  

Smile On Seniors exists to service the needs of the Jewish Seniors throughout Arizona.

Most Jewish Seniors living in Senior Living Communities are offered no Jewish programs or services.

Smile On Seniors fills this void. Every year we add more communities that we service.

We have also taken an initiative this year to add more Community wide programming allowing the Active Adult community in the valley to participate in our programs. Shabbat Dinners, Holiday Programs and classes and discussions.

View our growing list of Beneficiaries here. 

We've Gone Social!  

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On behalf of the Jewish Seniors..  

Smile On Seniors is a nonprofit supported by donations from the community.
Please help in supporting this vital outreach program, please mail your tax-deductible contribution to: Smile On Seniors 2110 East Lincoln Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85016. Or visit:

If you are a senior - or know of a senior - who can benefit from our program, please contact Smile On Seniors. If you currently reside in any senior home or care facility or have a parent or friend that does, please ask your care facility program director to contact Smile On Seniors.

Smile On Seniors:
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[email protected]  602-492-7670 

You can support by donating your time too! Become a volunteer! or contact us directly.

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