Bat Mitzvah Club

The individual club for Bat Mitzvah girls ages 11-12  gives each girl a great sense of importance of this vital stage in their lives. Our goal is to utilize this serious time in the youths' life to prepare them spiritually in what lies ahead.

The Bat Mitzvah Club offers a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere for these young adults to maturely explore their Jewishness. Being that Bat Mitzvah is a crucial turning point in Jewish life, we attempt to instill a Jewish training which is potent to last a lifetime. In addition, being that Bat Mitzvah is a tender age, the youth can absorb the many fundamental topics discussed in the Bat Mitzvah Club. Hands-on activities help develop more personal involvement and enthusiasm in the many Jewish rituals. Deep, thought-provoking discussions result from the many interesting topics. 

The girls meetings have been met with much enthusiasm and explore many exciting activities while delving into the world of Jewish women.

For more information please contact, Sashie Levertov - [email protected]